By fueling the spine I ended up consuming the cord
The light you had was too bright and it burst the door
You are so strong when you are free
Tossing my anchor to the dirt

This entire empty space that you leave behind
That's my lifelessness
So I'm running through the city
Filled with animal corpses
They make love to escape their fears
You swallowed them all, my black hole
Another tasteless tomorrow
No story to tell at all

I wander and bounce from shapes to shapes
Within an emptiness that my mind leaves the trails of
Motivated by the desire your carcass eventually turns to ashes
I succumb to what this world gave me
Cause that's the only answer
Fainting the usual steps
Cloaking our secret you decided to wear the shades of

Time is running out
For once I shall be the one to rot
Time is running out
Leave me here alone so I can hear myself hope out loud I die soon enough
There is no evidence I was along

My hands gazing your skin
My eyes brushing your breast
Next to your dust
Still searching for some hope this wasn't all made up

An offering to my hands
A radiance on the pedestal
Was I ever the master, even once?
No evidence
By fueling the spine I ended up consuming the cord
The door closes as I'm glorifying you
In a piece of heart you don't even deserve
You know, I've never believed in soulmates
I've never even done in what I believe

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