Only the Weak Must Die


Only the weak must die, bitch
So leave em all behind
We not comin back for you
Your death has been defined
We can't help you now
Cause it's already too late
So just fuckin die
And wait at the pearly gates
That's where you will reside
Waitin for some time until our paths collide
Once again
And for the rest of eternity
But I'm not goin there
Til these people on earth heard of me
Spell it out in dots
So that you can read it in braille
You been here for a while
Yo life's a little stale
Cut your wrist and end your life
Slit your throat
I'll supply the knife
Solum debilis mori debent
Your time on this earth way past spent
Time to go
Catch the chariot of fire
Flying in the sky
Listen to the entire devil's choir
It's the last thing you'll hear
Til the world is set on fire

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