Lil Wayne, Fabolous, and Juelz Santana drop their signature punchlines over the hard synths provided by The Alchemist, who sampled the intro from the 1981 track “I’m Lucky” by Joan Armatrading:

The Alchemist provided some background information on the track in an interview with Complex:

I sent it to him to get on it and then he said, ‘I’d like to use it on my album’ and I made the wise decision to agree. […] A lot of beats that I use people don’t see the light [the first time I play it]. Sometimes I gotta do a Jedi-Mind trick. That’s what happened with this song. That was supposed to be for my album, even Juelz and Fab got on that for my album because they weren’t fucking with it like that. I sent that to Fab and said, ‘Can you get on this for my album?’ He recorded it and then said, ‘Nah I want to keep it.’

Juelz talked about how he got involved in the track: