I’m Only Out For One Thang

I’m Only Out For One Thang

Ice Cube (Ft. Flavor Flav)

Ice Cube and Flavor Flav collaborate to talk about the main thing men think about when it comes to relations with the ladies. This was one of the last songs recorded for the album as Flavor Flav was apparently hard to find during the recording of *Amerikkka’s Most Wanted.

Cube talked about how he finally got Flav on the track:

We caught him one day, he was coming in to talk to Hank and Eric on his way to the airport. So I was like, “Flav, what’s up?! You said you was gonna jump on my shit!” So we put the track up and he was running late, so we knew we’d only have one take. When we messed up at the end, we just kept movin’. I had my lyrics written out, and his on there was just a rhyme that he had in his head.

Hank Shocklee added:

Here’s one thing that nobody seems to understand about Flav—he’s the hype guy, not a main artist. He can come up with something lyrically, but it’ll take him so long. Unless you force him, he’s not going to come to the table with something. That’s why it took him so long to get on that track with Cube. You don’t even understand how long it took us to even get the intros to Public Enemy songs!

Sir Jinx added:

Flavor came in for that after they was on tour. At the time, Flav and Griff weren’t getting along and Griff would be in the studio a lot, so that might be why Flavor wasn’t there too much. Flavor was really explosive as a talent, and he’s still like that. He was great to work with, he’s a musical genius.