Army in the Hood


Get out your seats, real hip hop is back up in these streets
RBG, Army in the Hood, we our own police
Ain't no need for these Feds keeping scopes on our peeps
Rest in peace to the ones that brought the power to our fleet

[Verse 1]
How you say you love yourself if you killing your people?
Yeah we out here all united, my people, we need you
Many cowards might just ask if this here is legal
But really does it take a crime to get popped with them lethals?
Don't ask for justice from the ones that kill and enslave us
Freedom's coming today, we gotta take it and save us
I feel like we the only movement with the answers
I feel like we gotta bring back the Panthers
It's way too deep to get off so just listen
The rap game today is brought to you by the system
The trap game today is brought to you by the system
The two games combined and filled the lanes to their prisons
And the most important step, we gotta grow our own food
It's one step genocide if they say "We ain't feeding you"
Now we gotta serve and protect our own block
Army in the hood, fists up, we at the top

[Verse 2]
The labels ain't gone sell your hit unless you selling bricks
I'm from the city of Atlanta but my bars is medicine
It's heaven-sent, ripping anything that's to my detriment
Snatching heads off this industry, this job's imperative
I'm not your average rapper spitting rhymes on beats
I'm dropping knowledge with the bars, I'm bringing truth to these streets
And of course it's my job to put it all in rhyme-form
You ain't bettering your people, what you even rhyme for?
Obviously the streets got a large influence on me
But I don't let it change revolution views for me
When I was in DC last year for that million man march
I noticed that the young people gotta rule the streets
It ain't no option, liberation is the tool to be free
Revolts, Nat Turner, Toussaint, this ain't new to me
Since the youngings nowadays don't really read books
I gotta preach this knowledge to the people musically

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