Ain’t sweet


[Verse 1: Yori]
Why you call me everytime you need some advice
I swear my advice is not that nice
No, don't pick up that knife
You got a family, a favorite dog, and, oh, that wife
They wouldn't want to see you go away so soon (soon)
I found you in your room
Blood on the ceiling, walls, curtain, and carpet too
So what have you done to yourself
You done to yourself
They want to play you like its double dutch
Nigga you should be concerned, you paint with way too big a brush
When all the haters in and acting tough
Don't be acting like you never acted, acting never added up
I supposed what you imposed
Goes to show it ain't never easy getting rappers out their comfort zone
Talking shit behind the mic, alright, but when the spotlight glistens (shit ain't sweet)

[Verse 2: Chäud]
You know this ain't sweet
Straight living this, old soul like we antique
My nigga Yori hit the (whistle) like a parakeet
We can get your girl to the flock so she can budge in
Cop the shit I wouldn't bet on a honey
You can get this foot like these athletes
You be the reason why my voice be so raspy
Thinking "Where the pressure at", my nigga that's that gas leak
We just be flying like the eagle rolling past me
We don't want to hear your sob story nigga this ain't Great Gatsby
Thinking to myself like "Why these niggas ass cheek"

Like why these niggas ass cheek
Like why these niggas ass cheek
Like why these niggas ass cheek
Shit ain't sweet

"I asked you a question"
"You ain't gots to ask me, Mr. [?] the one you got the questions for"
"How come you ain't never like me?"
"Like you? Who in the hell said I gotta like you?"
(Shit ain't sweet)
"What law is there say I gotta like you gon' stand up in front of my face and ask a fool ass question like that, talking 'bout liking somebody. Straighten up goddammit"

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