I can’t believe you actually love me


[Verse 1]
I just wanna lay all night with you
I just wanna spend my time with you
I don't wanna start a fight with you
I just wanna bring some light to you
I know you sitting in the dark
Come with me we're going on a trip through my heart
We can see all the wonders enjoy it
Filled with love, all for you, exploring
Running through my mind all day
Sorry I'm annoying, give me time to explain
When someone loves me I get attached
You got the strings to me, just don't use me, please understand
They're there for you when I start losing my path
So girl don't try to manipulate what we have
Im a bit clingy at times because I love your feel
You make me warm inside, I think this love is real
[Hook: Angela Cameron]
This made me believe that love is real
Never felt something so surreal
I can't believe that you would ever love me

[Verse 2]
How could you love me I'm so lame
I'm a loser and a pain
Im at a loss, don't have fame
I'm addicted to you though
So I'm trying to be great
I won't lie that I get shy
When you call me by that name
Man I feel like you're my life
And you won't just pass me by
Cause ima make this effort
You're a treasure so much better
Give me pleasure just in smile
Cause I know that I can keep this up for you and last a while
I just feel so alive
Let me know how you feel
You got me hooked on you
And this loving is real
I'm so shook and lose
All thoughts in my head
They're replaced with you
You're so irreplaceable
I can't imagine changing you
You gave me the key to your heart and so I made it home
I promise to protect it even after my grave is known

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