[Interview: Andre Nickatina & Mistah F.A.B.]

You know what I'm sayin'? You know, you know, you say "Who influenced you in the Bay?", you know, even though me and Dre the same age I be like "Yeah, yeah that cat influenced me, in a way", you know what I'm sayin'? I been watchin' this man, we been, we been in this game since he was seventeen


So, you know, I remember walkin' in a club when I was seventeen
Boom, boom, boom, I walk up in the mothafuckin' club, and I grab, uh-uh-a soda, I'm only seventeen at a spot. And this, and this song come on and the whole mothafuckin' club know it and I asked the bitch standin' next to me, I'm like, "Who the fuck is this?". That bitch said, "That's Mac Dre, nigga!"

"Too Hard for the Radio"?
That's "Too Hard for the Radio", I was like, this bitch said "That's Mac Dre, nigga", and the bitch was white


What the fuck bitch?

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