Don’t Like My Music


[Verse 1: E-dubble]
Uh, she don't like my beats
Never kick a freestyle when we in the sheets
Cause she thinks hip-hop is dead
But she gets a pass because the ass and the tip-top head
Baby girl follows trends like it makes sense
Reading Us Magazine and caring 'bout celebrities and fake shit
I try to shake it out of her on occasion
But even on vacation she's talking to fake friends
Tweeting 'bout Paris Hilton is her BFF
Little lady, that is S-A-D
And I don't ask what she got on the SAT's
Cause I am guessing it was B-A-D
And that's how I speak when I don't want her to comprehend
While I'm talking to some grown-up folk
And yeah, it's kinda sad how it is, but I learned to cope
With my girl not knowing I'm dope, shit
[Hook: E-dubble]
My baby girl don't like my music, but I don't mind. (Hey!)
Never at my show, never bought a record, but that's just fine (Ho!)
And I don't need no criticism from someone who just don't listen (Hey!)
And she's got me thinking about the ladies who like my lines

[Verse 2: E-dubble]
Yeah, pissed off every time we peel off
In the '96 Honda Accord, baby I'm in the car
What the hell you putting on that Lady Gaga for?
I'm a connoisseur and listening to that is a chore
Put the Kid Cudi version on or stop the car
I can walk from here baby, it's not to far
I got my iPhone and my ear buds
So if you want to conversate, text me, cause I need ear plugs
You think it's immature the way that I handle it
But I think that your taste in pop music is scandalous
Downright amateur, common denominator
Skipped the ROOTS to play Britney and now I'm a hater?
That's some whack-ass shit, baby doll
And this time, I think we finally hit the last straw
Packed my things up and now I'm headed back home
Fucked, I can't believe I'm wasting time on this song

[Verse 3: E-dubble]
Yeah, three weeks have passed, and I miss the ass
But I'm writing more than ever, got the gift of gab back
Ten tracks in the bag, I've got mad raps
I wanna see some checks from the people at ASCAP
Meanwhile, I'm looking for a replacement
Someone with a little culture, I ain't being complacent
No wool over eyes, life's full of surprises
At our last show, I finally saw a chick with some style
Even looks good with no Maybelline
Woke up next to me, thought it happened in a dream
Shorty seemed like she might be perfect
Losing my old lady might have just been worth it
Over brunch, share a pleasant conversation
'til I realized the lady didn't like my occupation
Didn't even show up for the music
She was only there to help a dumb friend get stupid, shit!

[Hook x 2]

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About "Don’t Like My Music"

E-dubble vents his frustration on the constant quest of finding a girl that loves him and has a good taste in rap music.

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