Long Kiss Goodnight

Long Kiss Goodnight

The Notorious B.I.G.

One of Biggie’s tracks that contains the most shots at Tupac, even though his name is never actually spoken. This is the closest thing we have to a 2Pac diss by Biggie and it’s mainly in response to 2Pac’s “Hit ‘Em Up”, in which 2Pac called out Biggie

The title is inspired by mildly successful 1996 Geena Davis action vehicle The Long Kiss Goodnight, which also gave female rapper and Biggie sling Charli Baltimore her rap name. Biggie and Charli actually watched the movie a lot {citation needed} when Biggie was resting after his car accident, which inspired Biggie to give her this name {citation needed}.

If this was really about 2Pac, it appears this was written after 2Pac’s death! Big references his car accident with Lil Cease twice in this song, and Big said in an interview that that car accident happened 3 days after Pac died. Big also raps about it being a “new year,” by which he presumably meant 1997. Pac passed on September 13, 1996. Last, the title and theme of the song is “Long Kiss Goodnight,” which comes from the film The Long Kiss Goodnight, which came out October 11, 1996, a month after Pac’s death.

Lil Cease said it was about Pac. Then Puff said it wasn’t. Then Cease said it wasn’t.

This song samples Al Green’s “The Letter”.

Still, It is no coincidence that the beat is drastically similar to the beat from Capone-N-Noreaga’s “L.A., L.A.”, a track which served as the response to The Dogg Pound “New York, New York.”. The latter track was seen as an act of disrespect to the city of New-York; having Snoop Dogg kicking down buildings in New York godzilla-style in its music video.

Something that both the Dogg Pound and Snoop would attribute to Biggie calling up a radio station that led to the shooting of their trailer while they were filming for the music video in New York

Amidst the peak of the East-coast Vs West-coast rap beef, Biggie was in no place to jump on “L.A, L.A.”, but later, using this similar beat for a track diss the West-coast rap icon 2Pac, was much like his late collaboration to the whole ordeal when he thought the time was suitable.