Eric B. Is President

Eric B. Is President

Eric B. & Rakim

“Eric B. Is President” is the debut single by Eric B. & Rakim, (originally credited as Eric B featuring Rakim). It was later remixed for the album Paid In Full.

The single has become one of the most memorable songs in hip-hop, and Rakim’s opening line of “I came in the door/I said it before” is one of rap’s most oft-quoted lines.

The song features a replayed bassline from Fonda Rae’s “Over Like A Fat Rat” over drums from The Honeydrippers“Impeach The President” and James Brown’s “Funky President”.

The original 12" credited Eric B as producer and Marley Marl as the mixer, but Marley was the one who actually put the song together and he broke down how he made the beat for DubSpot’s Classic Recipes series in 2012: