“Mooo!” is a fun tongue-in-cheek rap song about cows, which became a viral hit within a matter of days. After the song was introduced to the world with its music video release on YouTube, the song dominated social media with praise and became an instant meme.

At first glance, the video may have appeared bizarre to many, as Doja flaunted her cow costume with cheeseburgers and shakes. Once Doja started to rhyme, it became apparent she had created something unique. Lyrically, Doja’s verses are full of cow-related wordplay and she interpolates lines from some of hip-hop’s greatest joints. The beat is also undeniably catchy with its sultry guitars and melodies on the hook, which was produced by Doja Cat herself.

In an interview with Noisey, Doja explained how this song helped her career:

I feel really lucky that this song has created a platform for my debut because that wasn’t the intention behind the song. [My last] album actually got no support. There was nobody trying to push it. Now Katy Perry is tweeting me, which is cool. Chance is cool too. I know he’s a goofy guy and he appreciates DIY. It’s just cool to have these people supporting because it’s great exposure. I like them as well, which is a boner—I meant to say bonus.

After the success of the “Mooo!” video, Doja Cat decided to release an updated version of the song that could be streamed and purchased.