I’m on the come up, mane
Yeah, this is my life (Surviving)
I’m Mr. 318, you know
But I’m really Mr. Louisiana how I look at it

[Verse 1]
I grew up without a father, I barely had a mother
No brothers, it’s just me trying to make it out the struggle
My mind gone just knowing my daddy live in a prison
But I gotta learn from his faults so I ain’t in that position
So I’ma grind and show my people it’s real
Tired of the projects, so I’m rapping hoping I get a deal
My granny praying every night hoping that I don’t get killed
‘Cause she know I’m thugging hard, but I’m focused on the mill
The cheese, that’s what I’m really out here chasing though
Trying to do something with my life, but people trying to take it though
Money on my mind, I’m headed to the top
School ain’t looking good for me, so I’m heading to the block
My mama want me to change, praying I don’t be another victim of the game
Trying not to end up like my daddy locked in chains
Hard times in the hood made me wanna do better, but still drove me insane
Everything happened for a reason, but it’s all a lesson
So I just pray to God, thank him that I got a blessing
Try to make my mama happy ‘cause she tired of stressing
So I’m handling business trying to show a little progression
This way more than rapping, this the way I live
The lonely nights when my mama kicked me out the crib
I was praying to God that I don’t go through this longer
But I promise it made me harder, it made me grind stronger
My hunger, my dedication
I grew up in the hood where it ain’t no motivation
I know people hating, hoping I don’t make it
But they gon’ have to face it
I’m just chilling, smoking blunts to the face, being patient
[Hook 2x]
I’m from a small city, big dreams
Grind hard and I ain’t nothing but sixteen
And I’m just sixteen
And what’s crazy my mama had me at sixteen

[Verse 2]
I grew up looking for Charlie Brown, but he was gone
He left me out here in this cold world all alone
And I ain’t had no father figure, so I was young acting grown
And my mama washed her hands with me and left me on my own
It ain’t a lot expected when you coming from the projects
Wanting money like [?] so I started getting it popping
Donavon always trying to catch the hood rocking
Put the police in your light and the cell steady locking
I grew up watching Duke Jones steady get cash
So I ain’t want a job, I just want to sell crack
Mary Jane was my mama, the streets was my dad
So I put them two together and it was no turning back
J-O-N-E-S-B-O-R-O, a bad place where most people don’t wanna go
Half my homies in jail or they out on parole
With most mamas smoking crack the life that I live is throwed
I knew life was real when my dog Coop died
That been a little minute, but sometimes I still cry
I never question God, but sometimes I wonder why
The people that I really love always seem to die

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