Yea lets go last time lets go

My swag on a hunnid
I ain't even lying i ain't stunting
Know some boys when they pull up you’ll be running
30 days at night nigga they coming
Yeehaw riding through the sunset can’t see yall
That was back when i was so short that i couldn’t be tall
That was back when i was getting kicks from the seesaw
Bitch I’m on a seahorse i roll in and i say we snaw
Cook, cook, cook it up baby ima cook it up
All you niggas crying for help but y’all ain't looking up
You stop talking the shit but now you booking us, I’m so legend bitches gotta look it up, I’m so legend bitches gotta look it up, swag on a hunnid thousand bitches look it up, class on a hunnid thousand bitches look at us
I’m so legend bitches gotta look it up
Props to the bitch on the left, she ain't take it to the head when i talked about her breathe, and these niggas hella salty cuz I’m probably up next they wanna feature from ya boy but i know its for a cheque and i know its for a cheque, whats up with they rent, aw kick a niggas ass he got hella confidence, and i stay the same and i always represent, and i stay the same as i always represent, always represent, kiss on her lips, you got a nice career don’t make that shit say rip, i just might pull up to the stu off the rip, and i am not one of these soundcloud rappers niggas be like, this for the bitches that was hating cuz i finally made it up outta my mamas basement. come to my concert mhmhmmh
Cops on the sidewalk, ima hide dog, i don’t like y’all, I’ma fly off in a ufo, you was broke, don’t hit my phone, true colours shown, I’m alone when i smoke, chinna choke, backwoods are they that good, i put coordinates on the map to hit the plug, (hit the plug) i just wanna smoke a blunt, get my stress level up, wanna fuck off the dope, I feel more, she gon fuck then we don’t talk anymore, I’m ignored so, every bitch from now on gonna have me bored, get more cash, wish i didn’t smash, flash back to the ass that i didn’t wanna put my dick in, write a song in some minutes, you got me fucked up to thinking that I’m kidding, gotchu wit it, and I’m sitting on your front lawn, guns drawn but your head coming straight off

Kakashi: 1000 years of death!!!

(FML FML FML MAN) fuck my life, i been losing sleep every fucking night, killing like kira bitch call me light yagami, bitch on my dick tryna fuck on me, bitch gave me head with her soccer team thats a water break, woo, ill make a wave if i catch a case, hand out some life jackets keep y’all safe, y’all wanna ride don’t get in my way, i know who’s gon ride they hear everyday, flip on yourself every single way, hypocrisy day to day, today, democracy ain't okay its away, I’m rock climbing on these beats no ballet, oh by the way shout out that swish chalet, bitch tell me how you like my chardonnay

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