Party Up (Up in Here)

Party Up (Up in Here)


A scathing diss track against unnamed rappers who were driving DMX out of his tree, this banger from …And Then There Was X is a common party song.

Producer Swizz Beatz talked about the track in an interview with Complex

That’s our biggest record, globally. ‘Party Up’ was at a time when things were moving fast. X was probably frustrated coming to the studio that day like, ‘Y’all gone make me lose my mind!’ A lot of the stuff we were doing was in the moment. When he says, ‘Y’all gone make me lose my mind!’ it’s probably what he was really feeling.

So we said, ‘You’re not the only person who feels like that. Everybody feels like that.’ We took that frustration and excitement and put it into a hit song. […] I just went in there bugging out. I didn’t think they would keep the ‘One, two, meet me outside.’

The music video shows DMX getting framed for a bank robbery and getting away after hoes invade the police siege.