I Bet You Think About Me (Taylor’s Version) [From the Vault]

I Bet You Think About Me (Taylor’s Version) [From the Vault]

Taylor Swift (Ft. Chris Stapleton)

In “I Bet You Think About Me,” Taylor confronts her ex now that she was able to move on, knowing he still hasn’t. Using an angry and disappointed tone, Taylor puts the blame on her lover for leaving for superficial reasons, which included differences in background and upbringing.

The subject of the song is probably Jake Gyllenhaal, who Taylor dated back in 2010. Although Taylor was brought up in Pennsylvania on her family’s farm before moving to Tennesee as she grew older, Jake was born to a film producer and screenwriter, with an entirely different upbringing from Taylor.

The song was initially teased with the Vault track video Taylor posted in hint of the vault tracks for the re-recorded album. On October 15, 2021, Taylor secretly released a message on Apple Music, which contained a spoken 31-second track, and the fully confirmed track list. Fans noticed “I Bet You Think About Me” was labeled “explicit,” leading fans to believe the snippet from the vault is this song.

In the music video, Swift portrays herself as her ex’s vision of her on his wedding day. Her ex, who is impersonated by Miles Teller, keeps seeing Swift and the color red, an indication that he is still thinking about her, even on his own wedding. As he dances with her while she wears in a wedding dress, his world turns to the color red and he realizes she is not real, and that she is the embodiment of his recurrent thoughts about her. It’s interesting to point out that the music video was co-written and produced by Blake Lively, one of Swift’s best friends. The music video has several easter eggs, most notably the cake, Red’s promotional ring and most importantly the iconic scarf Swift offered to the bride. One last fun fact is the bride in the video being Teller’s real-life wife, Keleigh Sperry.