Soulja Boy

0 to 100 (Freestyle)


[Produced by Boi-1da, Frank Dukes, Nineteen85 & Noah "40" Shebib]

Yeah nigga
You knew this shit was comin'

[Verse 1]
0 to 100 nigga real quick
Pull up on your block with them real sticks
I rock Louis V. shit, I don't rock Hilfiger
Hop up out the cut I'm gettin' deals nigga
Six million on that once, one on my wrist
Ridin' through the hood, Ace of Spades, bottle of the Cris'
Rollie on my wrist, drunk piss, yellow diamond shit
Rich Gang in this bitch, tell a nigga dip
Rip shit, kill shit, on my murder shit
First 48, body in a fuckin' ditch
Lil' Dre, Big Soulja ridin' Panamera
West Side, Zone 1, Red Bandana
[Chorus 1]
Yeah, nigga real quick, 0 to 100 with them real sticks [X2]

[Verse 2]
Hop up out the foreign whip, everything lookin' lovely
Gold on my neck, all the bitches hug me
Walk inside the club, 50k 'fore I walk through
Blowin' on dope and the bitches say they want through
Got kush on deck, y'ain't never seen
I be pourin' up drank, I be sippin' lean
Shout out to Rich Gang, nigga that's my team
We got yachts on the docks, nigga limousine
Pull up to the club, I be flexin'
Ice on my neck, and you know I'm 'bout a check, bitch
Diamonds on my neck, that Rolex shit
S.O.D. Gang got your bitch and she flexin'
Catch me in the penthouse stressin'
Blowin' on dope, thinkin' 'bout my next million
Lil' Dre you know I'm 'bout to kill 'em
Money to the top, yeah breakin' out the ceilings
I be in my bag going crazy
One Maybach and two black Mercedes
Soulja Boy got the hood crazy
Pull up to the hood, now these niggas wanna hate me
His baby momma wanna date me
I'm too real -- all these niggas fake B
Pull up to the club, VIP status
S.O.D. ball every night like Gladys
Money on my neck, that's that rich shit
The same day I got "Rich Gang" tatted made a mill
Lil' Dre pull up on some real shit
Nigga try King Soulja get popped like a pill
[Chorus 2]
0 to 100 nigga real quick
Real quick, real fuckin' quick nigga
0 to 100 we went real quick (Turn up, turn up, turn up)
Real fuckin' quick nigga
Pull up on your block with them real sticks
Real sticks, real fuckin' sticks nigga
0 to 100 nigga real quick
Real quick yeah, real fuckin' quick nigga

[Verse 3]
And niggas still hatin' on me
Got the whole hood still waitin' on me
Third album drop 100k, that's a mill silly
Pull up to the block, motorcycle wheelie
Young Dre go hard, I ain't never stop it
Catch me in the club and you know a nigga guap it
50 Ferragamo every time I'm shoppin'
Hit your baby momma from the back, and she get on top
Young nigga still on top
100k in 100's, guap
Trap until my heart fuckin' stop
And yeah nigga I knowed I could do it, I know that I did it
Niggas hatin' on me, they ain't really on shit
S.O.D. Gang, Rich Gang, that's the army
Walk inside the club and all the bitches just swarm me
Bentley two hundred fifty bands, they alarming... Niggas all on me
This is not a diss song, this is just a warning
Walkin' 'round, untouchable there's no harming
S.O.D. Rich Gang, I feel like a mastermind
23 million and I'm still climbin'
Billboard Charts I'm Number 1
If I pull up to the club I got beef, I'm got a gun
Catch me in the VIP, bitches all on me
Paparazzi snap pictures 'cus I'm Big Homie
Me and Diddy makin' beats, workin' on MMM
AK-47 make a nigga take a swim, gone
0 to 100 nigga real quick
Hatin' on Lil' Soulja cus' I been rich
16 years old with a million dollar deal
23 years old now tell me how that feel
When I turn 24 I'ma buy a Scarface Mansion
On the water by South Side, and Hamptons
Lil' Dre go hard and I swear to God on every track I get on
You know that a nigga did be snappin'
Thank God now we made, now my buzz goin' crazy
Nicki beat Yasss Bish my pockets lookin' crazy
A hundred fifty one day and now these niggas hate me
I'm on South Beach with Mack Maine goin' crazy
I'm in the studio makin' shit that's amazin'
And Birdman told me get 'em, he know that I'm a vet
I'm a young nigga but if you try me you will get wet
Nigga 0 to 100, yeah real fuckin' quick

That nigga Stunna changed my life man
I ain't gon' never forget this shit
Rich Gang nigga, 0 to 100 nigga, real quick nigga
I'm takin' off on niggas man, ain't lookin' back man
I need my momma to have more money than me
I need my daddy to have more money than me
I need my kids to have more money than me
0 to 100 nigga
I ain't stoppin' for none of these niggas
Got me fucked up
My nigga Boosie home, man I'm goin' crazy
King Soulja 3 man
Drizzy I see you boy, turn up nigga
Stunna you know what's goin' on
You dig what I'm sayin'?

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About "0 to 100 (Freestyle)"

Soulja Boy hops on the recent phenomenon that is Drake’s recent “0 to 100”, marking the third time since “Versace” and “We Made It” that Soulja Boy & Drake have crossed paths.

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