Drop A Gem On ’Em

Drop A Gem On ’Em

Mobb Deep

Mobb Deep’s response to “Hit ‘Em Up” by Tupac, a song which mainly targeted The Notorious B.I.G. and Bad Boy but also included a threat to the Mobb.

The whole saga was triggered by the robbing and shooting of Tupac at a New York recording studio. The coincidental release of Biggie’s “Who Shot Ya?” shortly afterwards prompted Pac to retaliate with “Hit ‘Em Up”.

Although Mobb Deep weren’t involved in the shooting or the ensuing controversy, Tupac decided to throw a diss their way. Reason was because while 2Pac was locked up for the sex abuse charge (he was in prison Feb ‘95) while in jail, Tha Outlawz told 2Pac about Mobb Deep’s song, “Survival of the Fittest,” in which on the chorus, it sung, “Thug Life, we still living it.” 2Pac (who was the creator of Thug Life) took it as an disrespect. 2Pac had the Outlawz see Mobb Deep at one of their concerts in New Jersey to see if Mobb Deep was reppin that true Thug Life and Tha Outlawz felt disrespected by Mobb Deep and 2Pac went off on them

Mobb Deep claimed that when they did Survival Of The Fittest, they never heard of 2Pac

“Drop a Gem on ‘Em” was released on August 25 1996, a few weeks before Pac died and was pulled from the radio by Mobb Deep out of respect after his death

Samples “Can’t Help But Love You” by The Whispers.