As we know, holding a microphone in rap and actually being able to keep the rapping consistent without any troubles coming ahead of you is a rather deadly job, and all of the four members of Slaughterhouse show just how to do it in a perfect way on “Microphone”.

“Microphone” is also the third track on the group’s eponymous album, Slaughterhouse, and is produced by The Alchemist, who spoke about the track in an interview with Complex:

That was Royce’s call. Royce told me they were working on a project needed some joints, I sent it to him, he said, ‘This is it.’ They smashed it up and let me hear it, I said great, and we pretty much just went from there.

I sampled Evidence’s voice for the ‘Microphone’ part. I was doing the drums, basically I was just paying homage to that whole Rakim thing but I ended up keeping it in the beat because it sounded dope. So shoutout to Evidence for not suing me, nice guy. I gave him some weed or something and he got off my back.