DJ Jeremyray

Spooky Cowboy Nights


Chorus:Drinkin' gettin' stoned
On the road
Without a single soul
Every motherfucker who scares me
Goin' get the brass knuckles
With the gangster chain
And rock n roll hair style
On these Scary Cowboy Nights
Verse I:
DJ Jeremyray,strait from Colorado
[Rock]I've been spooky
Livin' On The Roady
And I love these spooky nights
[Country]Every time
I go out to help my cows in the shelter
I get all spooked up saying shit that needs a filter
I'm these Spooky Cowboy Nights
[Hip-Hop]Every time we farm
Hop on this guitar
And jump in the car
Then she comes in shotgun
We go to fuck** On these Spooky Cowboy Nights
[Rap]Motherfuckers going up
Porn ain't shit
When you go up to the miss and ask her to make a girl named Trish
But I swear it's like a Halloween movie
Only for real though
Bitches dying in the haystack
Poor old uncle with that Vodka wick wack
And these Cowboy Nights
When I feed the cows and it's so very nice
I grab a beer and blunt and sit on my
Ass on the front porch
Look at the beautiful skies
Every single night I get scared
On these Spooky Cowboy Nights

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