One Day


[Verse 1]
Watchu know bout livin' sad, at the bottom
Trynna make it to the top
But you keep falling, like it's Autumn
Maybe one day
Headed for success, I'm on a one way
Saying fuck a break, I put in overtime on Sunday
Big dreams, from a nigga that ain't got shit
I want control, my nigga put me in the cockpit
At first, that boy was shy
Hear me now "I got this"
I heard a nigga talkin' slick, like I'm gone drop this
This flow simple, it's so sad that you can't top this
Niggas be pathetic once they get behind mics
Shit ain't competition, like I'm squarin' up with a tyke
Niggas trippin'
Gotta get it on my own, like when the Blazers had Pippen
Prolly sound like top 5, if ya dumbasses listen
JP, I'ont got jewels, so my bars gone glisten
I got blood all on the floor, like it's my pine sol trippin'
JP, throw me on a beat and watch my mind start rippin'
I been givin' niggas blues, you'd think that i'd start crippin'
Told them niggas, close ya mouth and let ya eyeballs listen
But I'm trippin'
Bitch, im trynna get up in position
Trynna get to college, but it's fuck ya to tuition
Turnin' nothing into somethin'
Boy, I'm sum like a magician
JP smokin' on the gas, cuz it enhance a nigga vision
Kill a beat then laugh it off, Its like its part of my religion
Never rush, I take my time and then I make the right decision
Swear the flow be squeaky clean, the scent of lemon
JP be the realest, you pretendin'
Once I see a nigga slip, I get to grinnin'
Put all of my focus into winnin'
Lost the appetite for women
Take a breath and clear my mind, n take the shot with mad percision
And that's just how the story ended
I just pray and hope you get it
All the damage was intended

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