Teck-Zilla beats so mad!

[Verse 1: Vader]
Anthony christened me Vader, VEC called me the Wildcard
Catch me dreaming bout paper, a big family and nice cars
I didn't start rapping till later, now these rappers drowning I'm the lifeguard
How could I know I had haters, I din't even know I had fans
Until comparisons started, apparently my name came up in discussions
Some rappers dearly departed, via the heat that I brought mehn I scorched em
Now conversations be different
When are you dropping some offering
Niggas be wanting for all of this dopeness to go around?
There's enough of me. Chill

[Verse 2: Vader]
Fuck the world, I was born with a hard-on
I'm easing my way into stardom
I'm wishing away all the stress and my worries
I'm chilled regardless of the outcome
17 when I heard of Teck Zilla
Now 26 on a project with Zilla
Out here creating magic and debating
His beats or my verses yo which one is iller?
After these sessions, it's back to grind
I'm working even when I pass the time
Making up cos really I don't have the time
Half the time, a nigga slug it out with tiiiiime-
Y'all niggas not ready, Lord!
Outchea we authentic, no!
Fucking with me is like fucking around
With a certain amount of Arsenic

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