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Life right
Had to get my life right
Looking like a Lite Brite
Light skin brother out the box
And now it’s Fight Night
Why am I a flight risk?
Suicidal life twist
White skin mother love em
When He in a crisis
Whether not He Christ-like
That is what my Christ like
My thin brother got thick
And went to Zeitgeist
Love em like a nice gift
Hug em when I write this
I be dripping like a Polynesian
In the night shift
I be flipping all your mausoleums
With the right spit
Open up your eyesight
Scope 'em like Snipe Rife
Mingle with the Dark Side
At best you’ll get a tie fight
Never reach the W
Never see your life right
Never see identity
Because you like the other you
I ain’t tryna smother you
But loving you is Christ-like
So I’m gonna open up the gates
Like I’m Might Guy
Even though I might die
I might dye my hair like Ye
Jk, just the line
It’s been a minute, Give or take
So I’m a need for you to swipe right
Thank You for the swipe right
Do you really like Christ?
Million dollar question on the lifeline
You Punch drunk like Mai Tai’s and Mike Ty
One too many hits on the right side
That’s life right?
One too many sips of my iced tea
I’m a lightweight
How you judge the gaze
When you tryna get your life straight
You Pray for Ye
Or waiting to say I told you so?
Never noticed your own light fading
When you supposed to glow

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