Teck-Zilla beats so mad!

[Verse 1: Vader]
It's hard to condone the wackness, I'm steady fighting the urge
You basking in mediocrity, you gon' die in the splurge
This is what I thought until I figured that not everybody comes from the advanced mindstate that I emerge
So I turn my tolerance up a notch
I'll look the other way, keep your shenanigans off my porch
Or I go press P and I ain't talking bilabials
I'll turn your paradise into Siberia
I'm the sickest with sinister lyrics seeping through the circus that claiming they representing Nigeria
Sporadic shots like a reckless barman
I'm the headliner, the noose, my best friend is a hangman
Ideally your best rappers are still rookies
Walking contradiction, fresh out the oven but still cooking
I came here with a pair of Medusa's eyes
Anybody still looking at me is still looking

He's so incredible! and nice!!!
It's going down
Tell em other niggas you know
It's showtime

[Verse 2: Vader]
I'm the boy that hold it down
The boy controlling hounds
Back against the wall, I be shooting shots like Kobe Bryant
Acknowledge the elephant in the room
I'm polishing the impoverished, pouring stash on the goons
Getting writers from Jupiter, proving you niggas stupider
Lyrics from outer space, I be penning bars in the moon
I prove I'm easily better
I feel like you niggas better position yourselves behind the King like you on some Corectta shit
No one on my level, I keep it a buck
At the end of the project y'all niggas run outta luck
Sick of your ordinary yarns, raising imaginary bars
It's funny what the standard here is, y'all niggas suck
I'm putting on for the city of the brown roofs
I'll leave your town shook, your claim to the throne hella doubtful
In the face of danger we never cower, we stamp hooves
Who really got the bars to make the crowd move

He's so incredible! and nice!!!
It's going down
Tell em other niggas you know
It's showtime

[Verse 3: Vader]
Give it up for the pan-african, man-handling bars
Pants sagging, on the microphone, I be peddling crack
Hella bad, truth be told mahn where do we start
Niggas here me spit and now they wondering where to restart
Incredible hulk powering through your bungalow
But you acting like you getting green, Mark Ruffalo
Blue jeans, Green Tees (Tea), the boy Bigelow
Revolutionizing the game, they ain't really know
I see through the scheme, niggas tryna ostracise a brother
Like I give a fuck-i'm surprised as to why you even bother
Don't you know that while you're leaving Vader out
It's gon make more people ask you why you're leaving Vader out?
The paradox of the unintentional staff
Niggas working for me
Boy see what they done on my behalf
But what I did ain't nothing
Niggas screaming blue murder
Like the crips came knocking

He's so incredible! and nice!!!
It's going down
Tell em other niggas you know
It's showtime

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