I'm pretty sure it's Teck-Zilla

[Verse 1: Vader]
Whatchu know about my life
Used to be scared of the night time
As a kid, flashbacks of a past life
Maybe, it's funny now in hindsight
Chronicles of an Ib boy
Never had a childhood packed with toys
It was books and more books
Head bowed, stooped, reading in all nooks
I remember reading about Anini
Back then I used to wonder how he did it
I remember reading about Kamala the wrestler
I read about Nikola Tesla
It didn't take much for people to predict my future teaching as a college professor
But listen, I was blessed with arts
Always knew destiny'll play its part
Smart mouthed kid
Brevity of a South-South chief
Leaning towards my version of rebellio
I was playing the Mau Mau script in Kenya
My dad was a big influence
He's still a big influence
See my dad in his element and see me
There's not a big difference
School life was a stroll in the park
Cos I didn't have to do much to get by
Though I hated my syllabus
And hated the system that wouldn't allow a bird fly
Quit my job when music found me-
Put that job security shit behind me
Stupid? cos I'd just been newly promoted
Or maybe not, maybe music will pay me more

[Hook: Vader]
I'm tired, I'm exhausted
I'm tired, I'm exhausted
I'm tired, I'm exhausted
I'm tired, I'm exhausted

[Verse 2: Vader]
Life of an upcoming artiste
Dreams of pretty women and living lavish
On some days you feel closer to those dreams
Others days outlandish
Sometimes I'm frought with guilt
Like there's so much more you could give
Why limit yourself to the kick and snare
As avenues through which you reveal
But hold up! One at a time, right?
I should work only by my timeline
Ironic how I used to be scared of the dark
Now I fully function at night time
Measures taken to balance my sanity
Reminder that all that shit is vanity
Gained a whole new interesting perspective
The second the doctor confirmed my anxiety
Immediately altered my reality
Went for therapy to restore parity
Was daily reminding myself not relinquish the power this shit done had on me
Just when I thought I'd gotten my victory
I lost someone who was so dear to me
My dad passed so suddenly
I thought that shit was gonna be the end of me
Damn, it still could be the end of me
The thoughts of quitting has been flickering
Right now nothing is anything to me
Reevaluating what mean the world to me
Promises I made to my mama
I told her she was never gonna suffer
Either by jocking and jiving or rapping
You know I gotta make it happen

[Hook: Vader]
I'm tired, I'm exhausted
I'm tired, I'm exhausted
I'm tired, I'm exhausted
I'm tired, I'm exhausted

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