Lately I feel like I've been searching my soul
Looking for something I don't even know
That I hold, according to some people
The lyrics that I spit is gold
Please don't remind me, I already know that I'm
I already know that I'm cold
Fear what I put on a verse
They say I'm the best on the earth
As far as I know, I got the flows
Anytime I grab the mic, that skill set is what shows
You can't rap like you from the 313, you sound like you from 91210 see, don't ever come again, at c
Cause, deep down inside your heart
You'll never be like me
Now don't misjudge cause I ain't dissing
Just pay attention, cause you need to listen
Cause my point is driven, think this through
I'm not dissing you, I just feel like I got a point
To prove
If you wanna be a sweet mc
You gotta become me, cause none of these skills
That you see come free
I repeat
If you wanna be a sweet mc
You gotta become me, cause none of the skills you have just seen come free

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About "Soul searching"

this song takes place in a therapist’s office, with me stating on how i feel that my soul is gone, and im searching for it

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