My life, my life
My life, my life in the sunshine
Everybody loves the sunshine
Everybody loves the sunshine
Sun (just me)

See I wrote nine rhymes in a day
Reach my status or get out my face
Imma rhyme until I decay
You better hit replay
Do not delay, cause it is a shame people on the rap game, they only want the money and the fame, the Domino effect is in play
Cause when I destroy one there's the next
And they expect the higher-ups to sign their checks
Then they act like they affect me
Or the rappers that I kick it with
So how many MCs must get dissed
Before somebody says don't mess with this
Beat rappers to death is the possible outcome
If they survive
I want them to ask how come I can kick a rhyme longer
Than their whole album
They don't realize that I'm hard at work
In ten years
Cenafan will have worth, me and my albums
Speakers so loud I don't need to tone down the volume
It's loud by default
23 lines call that lyrical assault
And I say it's not my fault, that I kicked them down mid somersault
I'm a lyricist, you are not, diss me your getting
Shot, not talking physically
I'm talking mentally and lyrically
You hate me cause I don't mumble
I don't sound like I was found in the jungle
You people listen to that cause it's a hard beat to rap on
Got the game in submission
So Lil pump get ready to rap, tap out on the mat
Cause I'm not putting up with this crap
Tap out on the mat, cause I'm just stating the facts, tap out on the mat cause you kids
Need to learn how to rap
Or at least Stop categorizing with the coming up
And rising, lyricist in me
Mumble rappers can't count to 3
On a killing spree, out here making history
Living for the moment
Cenafan is in different components
Your not worthy of being my opponents
Assembling to become a living being
Evaporate these statements

My life, my Life
My life, my life in the sunshine
Everybody loves the sunshine
Everybody loves the sunshine
Sun (just me)

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