Track 12

I'm the grim reaper
For your song to succeed
You need me to feature

I'm the grim reaper
Feel your soul burn with that ether
You are neither a good rapper
Or within the theaters
Your films never reached
A 10-seater
Why you always acting
Like you a cheerleader
Man forget it sit there and just handle the diss
I cannot quit until you answer back to this
I'm at 12 the next feet can only be found with a stick

I'm the grim reaper
For your song to succeed
You need me to feature

It's a slow death, your last three minutes are up next
I asked do you wanna beef
You said no contest
But there was no context so beyond that
Get ready to fall back
Because when I'm mad the survivors
Are all glad they didn't think that
They were all that
So where were you at, look like the black chudat happier than a nerd that got tinder matched
I play with matches
Golden axes and old hatches
Unlocking latches causing action
And ending habits talk your trash
Cause look who's laughing

I'm the grim reaper
For your song to succeed
You need me to feature

I'm untouchable
I'mma a grab that cause
These are the kids
That I laugh at
Oh, love always worst enemy was too sad
Listening to that track made me want to gag
Yeah I'm back on the beat
Now cause
None of you want none of these
Hounds going hard and aggressive
With the Sounds
Disrespect me but you
Choked all six rounds

(Siah verse)
Plz be patient
Ink made
On the way
Get on the beat
I’m like lee with no weights
Get on a track and I’m leading the race
I’m not competing
The breeze in my face
I’m bleeding the lyrics with ink on my page
I feel like vegeta
The king of the saiyans
I don’t pay attention to what you gone say
It ain’t stopping the progress of me and the gang
Shout out the reaper
And king of the flames
That’s Shawn and lil cena we be in our lane
Sword up Inside it creep through my veins
Can’t nobody pay me you won’t see me change
Can’t wait till I blow they gone think I’m osama
What is you slow man I be with katanas
People be yelling I’m not with the drama
Gone be straight
With the fade he saitama
This shirt that I got came from Mitchell & Ness
Stand on a table or sit on a desk
Feeling like Clark with a S on my chest
I’ll step
Up to scorpion
Shorty who next
You come
Where I’m from
Man you gone need a vest
Can’t afford that
Then don’t run outta breath
For so many years I been running from death
And shorty can’t stop me from ending my quest
Love when I’m hearing that someone don’t like me
So many enemies that’s gone excite me
Do the right thing I don’t listen to spike lee
None of these goofies can chuck me like mikey
Speak on my name then I’m coming like Myers
Look in my pupil I move through the fire
This for the people that doubted jasiah
Cena the reaper Jasiah Ghost rider

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About "The grim reaper"

This is the one and only single off this album
And it’s easy to see why, it’s a dope banger

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