Cena Toriyama

I can’t fix you


Track 13

See I cannot fix you, please tell me the issue
Please get out a tissue, and I'll be right with you
It will be that simple, 
Now what's up with that pimple?, the one in the middle of your temple
Oh I'm sorry, layman's terms
That is the forehead of the mental
I gotta go get it
I gotta go get it, when I'm feeling that I might die
Dangerous life but I might try
To see things out of your eyes
Gotta go get it, with endless precision
My mindset is tripping
Setting division
My head is aching, rhymes free for the taking
Serious Pain, no way that I'm faking
I feel like Hernandez, and a lil like Benoit
Once I get going, I feel like I
Can't stop
Yeah I'm coming up next, ask who is better
If I fall know that I'll get up
Hit the store and then I get a
Pen,paper and a rug, then I won't slip up
Took a small break, but I got back to the get up
For a little I'll slide, but I'll never let up
Going down, and down you can see em
Put my album in a mausoleum
Cause I'll never be em
No to the homies, don't free them
You ain't never gonna see them
I want it now, fame, success, shine
Can I get it, how?
Cry out loud, and surely if you feel the need
Then shout
Then we'll see what you rhyme about
If you're for real, or if you're just chasing
Clout, how bout now
Said how bout now, yeah
Said How bout now, yeah
How bout now, said how bout now?

Said I cannot fix you, please tell me your issue
I'll get back with you
It is that simple, I'll go down in infamy
Rhymes were sent for me
It's in my history
It was just meant for me
Going up, cloud jumping the broken world
Outside looking in
Looking for that special girl
What do you mean
So let's ask her, and we'll see what's the answer
You really believed me
Your song was cheesy
My song is creamy
His song is dreamy
I'm better than you, but not to his status
Drums kick harder than Trish Stratus
Or Shawn Michaels
Coming with rifles
He's got the microphone
I got the hyperfoam
You are plain styrofoam
Your rhyme patterns are broken
You might need some help
If I listen to another track of yours
Then I'mma kill myself
Said when you are done with this
Never speak again
I cannot pretend, I cannot tie
The loose ends the dividends
I cannot pretend, we were never friends
I don't know what to do
If I were to see you again
Not seeing you again, yeah
We are not friends, yeah
I can't pretend, yeah

Said, I cannot fix you please tell me your issue
I'll get back with you, it is that simple
I made up my mind
Only focused on the rhymes
Wondering what that means
Means im doing this full time
I have an obsession with dimes
Leaving it all behind
It's a crime
To do pantomime
When I'm outside
So don't even try, when I was a kid
I used to watch sky high
Don't know why that just popped up in my mind
I just wanna ride on a skyline
Don't know how to land properly
Just fly right
Just fly right, yeah
Just fly
Just fly right
Just fly
Just fly right
Underrated, on my playlist
My rhymes are braggadocious
Your rhyme atrocious
Don't think I ain't noticed
Mixing potions in the open
So the slow kids, can actually focus
To my notion
I need more exposure
So the world can know
The Toriyama flow
Flow, flow, flow

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About "I can’t fix you"

With this song,a person is in therapy
Getting chewed out by his therapist

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