[Verse 1]
Little girl has got an appetite
Don't care where it's from
She's pickin' up tonight
Swore she gave it up (Uh oh)
But it's just too tough (Uh oh)
It's the one thing she does right

[Verse 2]
Walk down Cherokee
Lookin' for a treat
I found some loose change (Uh oh)
Mom was actin' strange (Uh oh)
Swear I think she's on to me
Come on, Ma, I was just lookin'
For some extra change to take to Coinstar

Stay on your narrow path
Go to hell and don't come back
I hope I die before
I wake up in the morgue
I've got that itch I cannot scratch

"What's that you got in your hand, young man?
That's not yours, that don't belong to you"

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