Too much music Mental Shift, lyrics D. Gobius du Sart

You’re doing too much you’re thinking too much

When will we learn that this life is nothing more than rock ‘n roll
When will we see that this life is not as it was sold
There’s no solution in slaving your ass away
And who will care and give a damn what they say

This life is nothing more than one big exercise of release
Shake off those layers of mental imprinted disease
When the idiocracy of this society gets to you
Release your bullshit and that’s the only thing that you can do

You’re doing too much you’re thinking too much

It is as simple as I’m not doing this anymore
And If you don’t like it than there is the mother%$#*! door
Any moment in the now you choose your own pain
And it’s a choice to continue this or go the other way

Freedom is for every single one to choose
It’s not a matter if you win or they loose
The abundance that you want
You create with your mind
Decide your worth it
And that’s exactly what you’ll find

You’re doing too much
You’re thinking too much

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