Cuz Lately ive been trying really fucking hard
But nothing has been working ive been falling fast
Ive been waking up cold sweat dripping down both of my arms
Over open wounds around the oldest scars

And i can't find the time to talk to anybody now
It seems that life has brought me way back down
I had a plan to see the stars but lately ive been having thoughts

What if
What if
What if
I do not make it far
And let my friends and family down yeah it'd break my heart
Even further than it was before
I don't think that i could take it nah not a moment longer yah

It kills me
Breaks me
Causes me some pain
Knowing friends been going through it every single day
Feeling what i feel inside they brain
I wouldn't wish this on nobody else

So much love that i still got to give
But not much time before i take that trip
Lay me 6ft underground in a grave so sound asleep


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