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[Intro: Sample from Legion and Hayelo]
"If you don’t wake up tomorrow, if it turns out that
Today is your last day on Earth
Would you be proud of what you’ve done in this life?"
(Yah, Hayelo)
"Cause if you ain’t,"
(Coolin' with the LOWF, yuh)
"You better start gettin’ square."

[Verse 1: Hayelo and Jayy Grams]
This remind me of Michael Myers
The mike and knife
You never been a killa
But I will find ya and end ya shit
Steppin' militant with the team
We was never innocent
I just fake it right in front ya face
I'm Kylie Jenner lips
Yeah, Grams

[Verse 2: Jayy Grams and Von Wilda]
I knew some trap niggas went to the school and had honors
It's not the first time the rock saved the nigga from drama
No Uzi, bougie, floozies tryna get paid for they mamas
And a black nigga in the house for the chains like Osama

[Verse 3: Von Wilda]
My mind katana try some karma killin' [?]
Every turn I make the blicky stayin' armed, reach like Baraka
Bootin' up for Mortal Kombat
[?], smack the boogies out ya cousin nose

[Verse 4: Hayelo]
I been had division
Goldeneye, you think it's double-o
Look around the game
I'm seein' clowns
I think they Juggalos
Armageddon comin' and we fuck without the rubber on
This shit dig deeper than Stanley holdin' a shovel, fool

[Verse 5: Jayy Grams, Hayelo, and Von Wilda]
But I'm closer to jokers than Harley Quinn
Sober til the partyin'
Purple suit you but the green hair can twist the mind of men
Niggas gotta hustle
Carbon rock like a monument
Bullet shootin' through rhymin'
How anonymous
Adonis's children
I never minded that they tryna diss
Stronger than a shaman
Spittin' dust until my jaw split like the .50 hit
I rhyme with styles of many pens

[Verse 6: Hayelo]
Yeah, endin' Kelly imminent
I need a condominium
To get [?] my mama
Niggas actors, don't believe in the drama
You could pause us but we keep movin' just like a comma
Boy, I came from the sand field just like I'm Gaara

[Verse 7: Jayy Grams]
Peelin' at all of ya efforts
Pointless, left 'em jointless
Like a nigga swept the roaches
I see force so much you would think that I always kept explosives
Left what's closest for me for a better life
Cheaper than a deadly price
Platinum diamonds need the ice
Baby, that's Vanilla Ice
Heavy slice of flesh is dice
It missed and turned to miss me
But really metaphoric for whoever turned against me
I'm simply a menace
Ain't no villain that can stop you
Y'all be thinkin that rappers is God
Prayin' like "What would Pac do?"

[Verse 8: Hayelo]
Let me stop you
Turn you upside-down and mop you
Send some Indian goons
Bet they eat you like falafel
I'm jokin'
You know I keep the deuces up
Peaceful but I can take the smoke like a loosie does
Stay distracted by a little hoochie wearin' coochie cutters
Stay attackin' noobies like I'm hazin' cause the frat is too exclusive, bruh

[Verse 9: Jayy Grams]
Lucid loops of Lucifer
Groupin' up in my mental
Callin', thinkin 'bout seducin' drug addicts
Puttin' the fentanyl in it
A double-edged sword
Regardless, man, I'm fencin' y'all with it
What's good [?] without me puttin' y'all in it

[Verse 10: Von Wilda]
The bezel keepin' me focused
Niggas is sick if they thought I'd even [?] at a giant
I'm tyin Grendel, I'm ready to set the kin to love
The hands of Von Wilda ain't even the half of what's gon' hit ya
Soul flow, [?] is bound to slit my throat to pieces
Need a Rolly where it's loaded up the most [?]
These niggas don't want me on a feature
Go ballistic, only missiles
I can't even stop
Servin' like ready, you down to rock
And I'm takin' crowns off the top

[Outro: Jayy Grams, Hayelo, and Von Wilda]
You feel me
LOWFi, bitch
(Rockin' with the LOWF, nigga, no brand)
Killin' you bitch-ass niggas all year, you feel me
Killin' all you muhfuckin' dirty-ass niggas all year, you feel me
Fuck you talkin' bout
(Low, low, LOWFi)

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