WHO IS U (Snippet)


Huh?, yuh, yuh, yuh

S-S-Swing with my blade
Hit your throat, yo blood will spray
I'mma roll with my gang
Only Us, we pave the way
When I aim, I won't miss
Bullets flow, call it a piss
You's a prick, suck a dick
I'mma pull up to your crib, aye
All of you pussy's suck on a dick
'Cause you bitches ain't nothin', uhhh
You talk about shootin', poppin' them pills but we know you is bluffin', uhhh
You act like you hard, but you ain't shit
Runnin your lip and I might need a stain stick, aye
All of your music is basic
You say, you up next
But, you ain't so just face it

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About "WHO IS U (Snippet)"

“WHO IS U”, formerly titled “#WOKEUPWYLININDISBITCH” is a snippet from artist IAMXIOS. The song was teased on his SoundCloud on March 9th, 2019. But does not have an official release date.

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