Fake Shoes


Everybody's your sweetheart
When is talking sweet to you

[Verse 1]
Call them cops, Imma go nuts, went far with them shots
Spittin', dissin' cuz you missin' what I'm always talkin' 'bout
Shout 'round the corner with no more doubt
Cuz I lost sound of hope
You just stay dope, I'll still be near the roundabout
And doesn't matter if I'm preparing myself for the academy
You won't stop asking me if I do drugs (family)
Beth n' Emily occasionally check my terribly written songs
But most definitely are in club now
South of heaven - modern day description
Nevertheless, still wanna make a classic similar to it
But it ain't mainstream, so I can't make it happen
Imma bang the same shit that is banging
And I'll pray that Imma bang at the same club where Emily at
Homie pat me on the shouldie
"It'll be fine, you gon' shine", I heard it dozens of times
I may love you all, but I still hate a lot of y'all
Mask off, so I can see who I can take home, bruh

Heart attack, forth n' back, don't wanna ruin this track
Ease the flow, board on deck, oh God here's panic attack
Front door, rear Door, someone's knocking, who's that ?
Jumbo jet, you dumb ol' materfucks, I'll lend on y'all

Gonna snap, God I snapped
Never mind, one day I'll die, now I'm gonna fap
But after snap, I'll send a snap
Dressed up as Macduff, you gon' end like Macbeth

[Interlude 1]
This ain't prescription, bitch
This a fucking death wish
Cuz only thing on our wishlist is a swish

[Verse 2]
Liszt Franz had more fans than the France
Cuz he had larger motive than Le Coq Sportif
Now he a myth, fuck
But the fame made them bitches
Toss them undies on my cracker Franz
Like Bob Ross throws them colors off the pallet
And that's when I'm valid, aye?
Need to be a trapstar to earn your attention, well attention
Bother what's on next?
Harder than boy Wes, bit of mess, chewing Pez
Gon' chew you next like it's a game of chess or game of PES
We hot like an oven
Your clothes are unwoven, it's buzzing me, pausing me
Searching for suitable coffin
You're still tryna pose and look pretty for social committee ?
That's so fucking gritty !
Eeny, meeny, miny, moe
Imma hit you with that po po po

Gonna snap, God I snapped
Never mind, one day I'll die
Now I'm gonna fap
But after snap, I'll send a snap
Dressed up as Macduff
You gon' end like Macbeth

[Interlude 2]
I'm no Pete, but I'm heat
I don't eat, 'stead i feast
I'm a feat. but Imma spit that you can fucking eat my dick
Click, bang, click, prick
I'm flyer than your shit
Slick talk, quick buck, I'm on cloud higher than yours, bitch

[Verse 3]

Bukowski in this shit, wash you like a dishwasher
Charles Hober runs over them dishes that are full o' shit
They spinnin' hits all over and over again
While kissin' them fams they never met
You both wet, game over, what then?
Stan, then shit hits the fan
Realize y'all share the same bacteria
Cuz the criteria's how many you can kiss back
Stack them exes, pile bigger than O. Wilde’s
Imma bring them Rottweilers cuz them crackers got wild, ugh

We've been pillaging since the '16
While you mimics and gimmicks were taking pills and dicks
You've been on Wi-Fi, same as we n' I
But we've been jamming rock n' jazz n' trap n' even lo-fi
I been keepin' it inside, peeps, no need to hide no thing
Spread it like Bonnie n' Clyde unless you're same
Post a pic on Insta, get an instant like as clock is ticking by
Let post-apocalyptic sons of bitches be
They gonna take over the game, and you'll wonder why

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