Paris (Remix)


It's the Microphone Jesus
Eyo, Zuess dared me to kill this shit

I never flew out to Paris
But you know I grew in the streets
Where they want a piece of your soul
So you gotta carry the piece
Thank God my path has been straight
Only thing crooked's my teeth
I need money trees for the shade
That's why I work when they sleep

None of you real
Ya'll just be fake as the gold that you wear
Fuck going subtle, I go for the kill
I see you running I know that you're scared
They pay attention, I hand them the bill
When I'm in the building I'm all that they fear
I am the greatest, fuck how you feel
Silence the beat to make sure that it's clear

But that's some shit you already know
If you don't you've been sleeping and snoring
Play the game until we reach the goal
Celebrate it like somebody scoring
These niggas funny, they got hella jokes
Siyabaziba, it's nothing important
Start a conglomerate with my bros
Over-see it like something imported

We got the passion, trending like fashion
I can go three for three, no cap, but it's still a hat trick
That just went over their heads like planes
Run up all over the track like trains
Always gon' move with my bloods like veins
Parties that's filled up with thots like brains

And I got the invite it's like how could I not be a part of it
Give me a good beat, pen and pad, my fuck-up-a-rapper starter kit
Start the kid if you plan to finish what you start
If not, sit down bitch nigga
You just run your mouth snitch nigga
I just run the town

Which nigga ain't heard me, ain't understand?
I'll repeat it, I'll say it again
I run the town like a fucking mayor
Hope you heard me, I said it again
She said I look just like I'm a player
Told the mommy she right, I'm like Ronaldinho
I hit it once, I don't like a sequel
I just stay hot ngathi ngihlel' eziko

I'm a wolf in wolf skin
I came to scatter sheep from the flock
I graduated to a cool kid
You niggas just fell off from the top
It's always gon' be a song when I drop
Pouring Smirnoff in a bottle of Ciroc
I'm not fooled by the photoshop that you got
Bitch, you still look like Thembi from the block

It's ironic, they think I'm cocky
But I still don't fuck with no pussy nigga
Kinda sad when these niggas copy
You in a group, I'm with groupies, nigga
And I'm not a killer-man, but please do not push me, nigga
'cause I run with hittas, man
When they shoot bakwenzel ama Movie, nigga

I never lose I just lose it, nigga
I break a heart, I'm not cupid, nigga
I hear the drums I go Dumb and Dumber
As in a go stupid, I'm not stupid, nigga
Let's eat
But money corrupts a nigga, ANC
But that don't change nothing nigga, pay that fee
That chick in a bucket like it's KFC
I'm pushing their buttons, nigga, KSE

Had a dream I was fucking on Paris - Hilton
But don't play this song to your children
But always listen to the kids, bro
Bad bitch, I'm calling dibs, bro
Pyro, where the adlibs though?
You always saying mad shit though
Runny nose - got that sick flow
All my niggas like "That's it, bro!"

I don't need a round of applause
I do this shit when I'm bored
Not everyone pays you attention
'cause people pay what they afford

Chess moves when we move
Your squad - weak dudes
Bounce back when we lose
And oh yeah, free Zuess

Yo, Montag, that shit crazy, bra

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About "Paris (Remix)"

Pyro’s remix of the song Paris, originally by Shane Eagle featuring Nasty C.

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