K-Dub (CHH)



[Sample: Ekemini Uwan]
“We have to understand something. Whiteness is wicked, it is wicked. It always is, it’s rooted in violence, it's rooted in theft...”

[Verse 1: K-Dub]
It’s time to expose and talk about Critical Race Theory
And being woke, 'cause it’s been having me so weary
I use to have friends who I thought stood on the same foundation
Until I found out that they were just promoting segregation
Were mad at white people, been reading too much James Cone
I read his book, it’s heretical, so say no
“Whiteness is evil,” that’s what I’m hearing lately
They won't define what it means, “yo Google it, you lazy”
My wife, she wasn't even born in the USA
But because of her skin tone, see, she’d be labeled racist
See that’s crazy, I'm sensing something else could be driving this
Ain’t seeing it in the Bible, what else could be providing it?
'Cause I don't know one person who thinks it was cool for blacks to be enslaved
But that doesn't mean the answer is we should be getting paid
I'm okay with restitution, not modern-day reparations
That can't be the answer for so-called “racial reconciliation”
White people today aren't guilty for what they fathers may have did
And you crazy if you say it is
Because we are called to repent for sins that we actually commit
Not for the sins of others that we weren't actually alive in
So yes, I'm a black man, but in Christ that’s irrelevant
The Bible’s my starting point, not my black experience
Christianity doesn't belong to any nation or ethnicity
If you’re bound to CRT, Christ, yo, He can make you free

[Hook: K-Dub]
Critical Race Theory, it's just a theory
It only brings division in the Church and that is clearly seen
Christ tore these walls but they build a fence up
Making blacks and whites against us

[Verse 2: K-Dub]
The most racist people I’ve met are those who claim they can't be racist
Redefine racism, surprise! You’re not a racist
Biblically speaking, it can be summed up as hatred
For your neighbor, and lack of power doesn't change it
Redefining terms is so troubling, a different gospel being smuggled in
Keeping up with their definitions is more puzzling
Intersectionality, wokeness, and white fragility
It’s all an enemy to a Christian worldview and Christ's supremacy
And a black person speaks out, they get labeled Uncle Tom
I can't have my own view? I gotta agree with the mob?
Blacks gotta be monolithic or you’re Caucasian
I'm not surprised y'all don't wanna have this conversation
Stop lowering the standards for blacks so they remain victims
Start addressing fatherlessness, a direct root of people in prison
You want reconciliation? Then the Gospel is the answer
You can save the woke-anda for the black panther
Hope this song bring dialogue, that’s my true intention
Not ethnic division, coming together, yo, that’s the mission
Our sins, Christ has forgiven them
Any system that says it’s not enough, yo, that’s not Christian

[Hook: K-Dub]
Critical Race Theory, it's just a theory
It only brings division in the Church and that is clearly seen
Christ tore these walls but they build a fence up
Making blacks and whites against us

[Sample: Voddie Baucham]
“'But now through the blood of Christ, you who were way back there have been brought near!' You’ve been reconciled. You’ve been reconciled. And how? How? How? How? How? Through reading the right sociology books? How? Through feeling sorry enough about what your ancestors did to someone else’s ancestors? How? By having enough of your grievances addressed? No! The blood of Christ! Christ died to reconcile us to Himself and to one another. The blood of Christ! The blood of Christ! Don’t you dare add anything to this. The blood of Christ is sufficient to reconcile us. It’s enough, it’s enough. The blood of Christ is enough. And it’s the only thing that can reconcile us. This is why looking for reconciliation through other means is futile. It’s futile, it cannot be achieved. Not only is it futile, it’s blasphemous. Because it become the blood of Christ and..."

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