Yuh, it's the fucking turn of the decade
2020 bruh, fuck
It's almost here man got damn mad had to drop a cool one on ya
You know, just for the hell of it
Got my boy on here, you know, uh

[Verse 1]
Fuck it 20/20 vision got no pot to piss in
20 bitches made a persona 'parently bitching
'Bout to scoop up out the trenches and make a bed to piss in
Peon pity pity pussy building digits
Pussy wet like fishes 2020 bitches ha
Unofficial on defense and on a mission just to get the riches
Dead Ops shooting pigeons, ha

Slime his ass out
Drive the cash out
Try to back down
Get the facts out
Fucking black out
Shoot an opp in broad day pity his past now uh
Press him like packs now
Pressure pack pass out
Fuck a bitch spazz out
Seen a opp watch out
God damn fat ass hoe got my cock out
Got, got, got to get it hands down, uh

Aye, my 20k Audem Patek, aye
My check it get flood like the tech
Mastermind Japan my body I dress
I slip in the Asics the Vivienne West
Wood, come to my hood
It's okay it's over with just be good
I cannot lie I ain't came out the mud
But my mom lost her job and we faced from the hood

Two thousand twenty the cost of my Mar
Geila the artisan teller the cart
Depending on whatever you really start
My brother make plays so I'm rocking the Paul
Gaultier, Jean, no denim
I'll give you accessories get on the stretcher
Mean get on the gurney the way I spit this shit my saliva burning

Hing a ding durgen
Happy Lee Ericcson fuck cuz I care again
Patrol the area and if nobody does then it'll cause
A quite massive hysteria chop in the air feeling all so inherited
Bitch I be making this money from scratch like I scrap all the junk
And then make people stare again, damn
It's hard to get hard like me especially when you think that
Everything fair to you, huh

Aye, yuh, 2020, aye aye, uh uh uh uh
2020 uh uh uh, uh uh uh uh uh, aye
2020 aye oh yah, aye 2020 yah, um yeah

[Verse 2]
Put the guap in my wallet, damn it's full
Put the guap in my pockets, damn they full
Put the guap in deposit, damn it's full
Guess I'm all out of options, damn I'm cool, aye

I just put money in charitable profits
Salam alejkum and peace to Allah and I love God a lot
Got to get from the drama the talk man the dramatic talking
Tracking the plan your plan Pluto so blindly
Prada my rain boots step in the Honda
Pressing people with a stick that's Atari
Hot off the block like I bang Kalahari
Blood diamond bracelet it's from Kalahari
Juxtaposing my intent with yours sorry
Me and my brother like Doc Brown and Marty
It's Sunmagazine bitch I'm crashing the party

Mags, Mags, Mags
Adjust yourself or die, the mixtape
2k20, the year of the champions
The year of the winners
Haha, aye it's the only way
Soulja Cartier aye

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