All black 44 when I pull out
I took her soul when I pull out
We used to sleep there on the pull out
I wish our light never burned out

Demons they eat at my energy codeine it eat at my kidney
Sometimes I lose control I feel empathy for the enemy
We used to dream of insane amounts I wish she could see me now
My truck as big as our old house my diamonds hit with no light out
I'm lookin for a quareen not a queen
I’m lookin for the real thing not a meme
Her pretty ass feet on my dashboard I giver whatever she asks for
The first chain I snatched I ain't even break the clasp
Its fishy when you say no cap
Its fishy when you say no cap

I don't tell your kids they dad is a pussy
Tattoos on his face what he wish that he could be
I got boiz in the feds now and I’m praying they don't give me up
Not cuz I can't do the bid but I don't wanna knife they guts
Skuba steve in my speakers
I'm serving tweakers
That girl a eater
Blood on my sneakers
My boy press me about a fiend we serve he think she undercover
I don't know how to tell him I know she is cuz I been fuckin her

All black 44 when I pull out
I took her soul when I pull out
We used to sleep there on the pull out
I wish our light never burned out

My mamma went to jail about 50 times then I stopped counting
I climbed molly rock mountain
He got pounds in stock out em
That boi a mark so I pounced on em
I'm ounce slungin
You ain't a bout nothin
Hoe left the light on so I could find something cuz I’m out late sellin white woman
Trap house it jump like it skip rope
Burglar bar swing like saloon doors
Too many sleeping beauties had slept on me
I had Snow White recipe
My little hoe she ain’t little at all don't even know how she fit in them draws
You payin for bodies abortions don’t count I ain't finessing I'm layin him down
I got my hand on the metal why they call it angel dust if it turn her to the devil
Fiends scratch at they skin
Gamble scratchin them tickets
Scratch a toothbrush to a knife hope they don't bring it up at sentence
He caught a case defending his life lawyer said that he could chip it
He been in for 20 days he caught 22 more tickets
That boy the cookie monster cut a cake in to some biscuits
Lex talionis that’s that flint shit

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