Matte black ride like my skin bruised
Blue interior inside like my blood blue
I got eyes in back my head that’s my rear view
Window down my seat turn red but I’m super tight so it never do
Like you never do
Say you will but never do
I’m on my dick you ain’t come through
You twist your fingers and sing songs bout shit you never do
You never do. Say you will but never do
You never do. Say you will but never do
You know I’ll flame broil beef
I ain’t gotta be cool
For your sake I negotiate peace
If I was you
Boi you Never do
Never split no brick in two
Never sawed a bitch in half and then laugh when they come back at you
Send a couple grand to the can
That’s what family do
That’s my man if he ain’t win Then I feel I lose
Jerk the slide back on a chopper and just swing that thing
In the park. Day not dark. Kids play on slides and swings
You ever wish you’d died instead when you cousin had
You see his kid it tears you yo and you know you’ll never be no dad
You ain't been all through a trial Where they point at you
Ayou ain't fill your chain w pointers Like them gangsters do
Your insides not fill w pain cuz they laugh at you
You ain’t slept out in the rain cursin god and them too
My grandma killed she spoke in church but now I never go
I talk to god so much at nite I pass out on the floor
I’m schizophrenic I live a life i can’t let no one know
Not my dawgs. Not my family. And not my hoe

Like you never do say you will but never do
I’m on my dick you ain’t come through
You twist your fingers and sing songs bout shit you never do

And i pray that I find peace But in cluthchun pieces
I d c what color Jesus is I do know that i needem
Sirens singin and they wanna give me a piece
Sirens wail they want they pound of flesh
My dog won’t touch no woman again so he want what’s next best
I can’t say that I feel ya bro but I fuck w you none the less
Lumberjack I’m a stick swinger. Jack ass you a dick eata
I jack off in your bitch ass and she be dreamin bout eatin semen
I caught a bitch tryna spit it out and stuff it in her so I threw her out
Say you gonna see about me but you never do
Your bitch told you that she would leave me but she never do
How you OG and you ain't ever shoot
How you 30 and ain't ever gave no boi the blues
Defense gonna bite on my play dog
Complete pass Won't throw it away dog
No GPS but I use Waze dog
Pigs pull behind me I cook hogs
Got comeback I cooked my investment
Cut acetone then compressed it
It jumped back & then I had stretched it
I hid it right after I blessed it
W both wrists I am ambidextrous
I no look a pass I don’t check shit
You know I show up bout my check bitch
Full court press it in seconds
I spend more time in the sky than I do on earth
Am I closer to angels than I am the dirt
Is heaven really that far away
Fear of god on my shirt
Remember when
I hand to hand heroin
My heroine was Griselda fuck mayballene
As a teen fucking w them 30 something
That’s older chicas and older bricas I know them peoples
He sendin hittas. I know cuz I fuck both his bitches
I followed him from north flint to Ruth Chris’
The okie doke 2 cars behind him and one on side him
The Buick open that 9 iron boi and I’m firin
She hit my line she wants to know when I be slidin
I’ll hitchu back when I’m on my way and don’t be whinin
I clicked over he droppin but he ain’t droppin soda
That ear wax a big batch it went way over
Switched hustles been killin em ever since
Selling bricks of the sniff don’t make no sense so it’s
They in position they waitin to see who he was sendin
They surrounding a house ain’t got no body in it

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