Bring Me His Info


I hear fiends when the wind blow
Got the jeans of a bimbo
On the floor where my tims go
I don't get mad when she fuckin w him tho
Bitch bring me his info
He got bricks what he get em for
He got bows is they on the floor
He got bars on the windows
Is that his car at the citgo
He got sticks do they hit tho
I tell her sit tho
I tell her roll over
I tell her fetch boi
She bring a hoe over
Bring me his info
Will he shoot is he bitch tho
She say she a nympho
They back at his crib door
Check who is his OG like who is big bro
She got loose w the hips he got loose w the lips now I know where his kids go
Now I know where his chick go to get her nails done
Don't make me get retarded in here I'm an artist I swear dog but I will back door somethin
Will he rush on a blitz or
Is there a doorman
Bitch gimme the floorpan
Bitch gimme the address
This is for my bitches run-in card scams
This is for my jackers and my boosters
My IP blockin ass VIN number swapping ass
Ain't ever scared to bust a movers
My dark web surfers
This for my finesses This for my vanessas
This is for my swipers doin mail fraud
Livin out hotel rooms and them rentals Tryna pullin up in the teslas
Bitch gimme that info

Bitch gimme his info

Bring me the nigga last name and address
Bring me his head in a box or a trash can
Bring my the pipe ill leavem in the past tense
I'm fittin to chop this nigga up bring me a trash bag
Oh you know where he stay bring me his info
I'm feelin freaky today bring me a nympho
I'm bout to stomp a nigga out i need some timbos
The skat pack squeekin i need rotors and some rimbos
You got some bows what the ticket on em
You got some keys put a mixing on em
Oh he thinkin w his dick put some bitches on em
That boi gamblin w his life oh that's a 10 4
I can fry chicken w out crisco
Or i can let the dog out bitch I'm sisqo
Ghazi wanna meet me bout to fly to san fransisco
I just need all the info

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