BOP Remix


[Intro : AMillz]

[Verse 1 : AMillz]
Going to the top that's where i'm gonna be
Don't even try you won't pass me
Make my own waves and now you out at sea
AMillz going spotlight just believe
Tough luck, that's just how its gonna be
Call me AMillz and they end it with a Z
Shoutout to DaBaby for the fuckin dope beat
Will ya share it around if i say pretty please
You say who this guy hes got some nice flow
He can spit it fast but can he spit it slow
Listen to my shit or i guess you'll never know
On some undiscovered rap shit i'm stuck below
Rap so fast and i don't need to breathe
These rec league rappers all wannabes
I see them grasping they all beneath
The waves that i'm making they drowning out at sea
I'm dropping an album be sure to stick around
October 25th now i'm coming to your town
Took 6 months i hope you like the sound
Now I'm your little secret now i'm lost and found
Truth hurts so i spit it real on the beat
Getting October money that's my only treat
AMillz is dope and its going out in tweets
Buy an upgrade yeah i need a suite

On some DaBaby remix shit thaha

[Verse 2 : AMillz]
Now i run it back like i am Saquon
Always out shoppin but i'm not no pawn
Fangirls DMing like she the one
Y'all fuckin with the beat i'm on
Time to speed it up y'all saying that i'm slow
But do you really know how fast i can flow
Speeding down the track making stacks
On attack killing with the gat hit you with the brat brat
AMillz snap snap on that rap rap
Sneak ya girl to movie she a snack snack
Homie i ain't mean to do you like that
She want the dick but i won't text back
Even if she does send nudes on the snap
Control ya girl sendin pics of her rack
Shits mineblowing but now 'm running flak
Make no mistake this beat hit different
That bein said y'all keep ya distance
AMillz going up don't blow my mission
Step on you snakes and now you hissin
Y'all shot your shot but i know y'all missin
You know i know that you are wishin
Shoulda stuck around but you didn't listen
Ghosting you clowns now i'm out of your vision
Now i'm in the cut i am the incision

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