Short Cruz

October 31st


These bitches callin' me crazy they be like "oh geez"
Bitch I run up and steal all yo' cheese
They beg not to kill them they just begging please
They cry for their life they get on their knees
I tell them to live they have to pay some fees
I don't let them go, not at least with ease
The next day you found them, hanging off a tree
They were abused that’s guarantee

[Verse 1]
I put your body all the way in a river (River!)
I rip out your guts even your liver (Liver!)
They don’t know what to expect so I deliver (Deliver!)
They are surprised I outlived her (Outlived her!)
But little do you know I killed her (I killed her!)
Bitch I’m crazy I’ll pull the trigger (Trigger!)
I'm getting drunk off the liquor (Liquor!)
She sucked my dick then you kissed her (You kissed her!)
How it feel I’m a winner? (I'm a winner!)
You might have to reconsider (Reconsider!)
Everything you live for
Boy you is a fucking whore
Yo' baby be asking for more
But of course I ignore
I'm here to rob this liquor store
Better get the money out of the fucking drawer
I'm so godly compare me to Thor
I've dropped yo ass now hide we the corps
You wish you never made a mistake
So when I pull up all you do is shake
And don’t you hate it when your knees ache
That’s you being a pussy and you being afraid
Had to run but you still couldn’t get away

(Beat switch)

[Verse 2]
Bitch I’m done
Pull out the mother fuckin' gun
This war has just begun
After it started you cannot run
Killin’ you is ‘bout to be really fun
You’re sorry you wish this could be undone
I'm not letting you get away
Bitch you got a pistol, I got the AK
Now you die today’s the day
After your murked, your heads on my display
I'm just leaving the rest of your body to decay
At your funeral I’ll leave you a bouquet
And the devil will be waiting for you cause hell's where you’ll stay yuh

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About "October 31st"

This is Cruz’s Halloween song, of course it’s a more faster song but it’s also a dark song, and even at the end it slows down, which gives it a creepier vibe

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