Wyatt Roberts

Not The Same


Not The Same

Said rest in peace to my brother, it still gets to me
Ever since you’ve been gone it’s been hard to get to sleep
Been closer with your family than I thought I’d ever be
Thinking about my own life, won’t let it slip from me

I’ve got too many people telling me I’m not the same
Sometimes I just wanna scream and I wanna run away
Gotta keep that mentality, just another day
Gotta block out all of the hating and negativity

Paint a picture of the man I really wanna be, gotta work on myself
I can’t complain bout’ how I came up or the cards I was dealt
Gotta be thankful for the life you live, but never complacent
You can’t get better for yourself if you don’t get out and chase it

Gotta stay up late when you could be sleeping, when demons are creeping
Gotta work when you know you’ve got money and you don’t even need it
Your past could hurt you so you best be careful bout how you leave it
If I told them all what I’ve been through they would never believe it

So I been cruising in my own lane so they won’t get to me
Try my best and maintain with all my energy
I won’t go and blow a check on a chain because that isn’t me
I’m pledging allegiance to the game because it’s meant to be

And I still write symphonies for him..
Still write symphonies for..
Still write symphonies for him..
Still write..

Without my nigga shit’s so different wish that you were still here with me
Pray to God that he forgive me, you know that I still be sinning
I been trying, I been giving but ain’t getting shit
I’ve been crying, lying, dying, lord please take this pain away

Before I go to sleep at night I hit my knees and then I pray
Cuz’ I’m so tired of these rainy days, these cloudy skies keep looking grey
I just need to see one way, guess I just gotta hold on and wait

I been sleeping time away
I know that it’s not okay
I need to find a better way got dreams of dying where I stay
But I wasn’t crying, smile on my face (x2)
No I wasn’t crying, smile on my face (x2)
I had a smile on my face

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