Jack (Rap)

Death in My Eyes


I be findin' Belle
But this ain't held
(Kill her bitch)
What a sunrise
Till the bitch be death in my eyes
Suppress everyone in here
But shit ain't right
Yet I wanna fight
Bite, and smite, and find her bitch kill her
This shit ain't right
This shit ain't right
Don't just ban me on fucking sight
You know you wanna but that shit ain't right
You wanna smite, bite, fucking type
Shit ain't right
Yet you still in my eyes
What a sunrise
Till the bitch be death in my eyes
I found a two-ton slegh
Logan Paul, come here you're on the way
I find the bitch 'n I kill her
That shit got dyin'
Stop the beat
Hold the track
Fucking bitches everywhere
And I got two twins
I'm walking
J.K. Rowling

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