Garmin Gang



I got drippin’ ice on my wrist
All these zeroes take up a list
I’m a celebrity, A-List
All these other rappers faceless
I got way too many faces
Got my Garmin, winnin’ races
I be in exotic places
In Minecraft, I raid your bases

Garmin Drippin
You know that’s its always tickin’
I ain’t trippin’
Blockin’ shots like Scotty Pippen
Getting women
Eatin’ teriyaki chicken
I be winnin’
Family guy like Peter Griffin
I’m equippin’
All my supplies for the dippin

All these haters on me just along for the trip
Yeah, none of these fakers do belong on my ship
Yacht to be exact, give these haters heart attacks
While I’m flexin’ all these racks, they be standing in the back
All these bands is what they lack, and they still givin’ me flack
I be looking like a snack, They callin’ me Cracker Jack

This song don’t make no damn sense, but neither do the rest
If you really are that dense, I put you to the test
All your raps are a pretense, could use a little zest
All these rhymes that I dispense, my worst ones are your best

I’m a crappy rapper, but I don’t take myself seriously
I be lookin’ dapper, and I know that that is clear to see
Everybody sees that when you rap you try to mirror me
Really tryin’ yo best but that does not evoke fear in me
You know when it comes to the rap game I impose tyranny
Your crap music makin’ me deaf, I’m not even hearin' me
Call me a player like I’m Dev, playin’ endearingly

I’m looking the freshest
Wrist icy like Everest
Everybody exit
Man, you is the eldest
For you I’m embarrassed
Teeth is lookin’ grimy
Bruh go to the dentist
Diss me, I’m like, why me
Though my wrist is the wettest
Think your rhymes sublime, B
But my rhymes are the bestest

Krispies for my breakfast
Got them Garmins ambidextrous
Coaches talkin’ reckless
Cause you know I’m never stretchin’
Mess with the gang
Talk the slang, where we hang
Sauce what I dripped
From the wrist, they get dissed
Okay like Al Chapo on a killstreak
Put the holes in you like you swiss cheese
Then I go back to eatin’ Krispies
I’m the only ten I see, Grizzlies

This dude said what was your time
I start to sweat, I ain’t lyn’
Dippin the race is a crime
Man, I don’t race, I just rhyme
This dude said what was your time
I start to sweat, I ain’t lyn’
Dippin the race is a crime
Man, I don’t race, I just rhyme
Man, I don’t race, I just rhyme

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