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Post-Rap Generator (Clayton State of Mind)



Yah, I got this song from a rap generator
However, the lyrics are based enough to be considered
Post rap


The can drops deep as does my banana
I never rap 'cause to rap is the boy of Anna
Beyond the walls of Crocs life is defined
I think of balls when I'm in a Clayton state of mind
Hope the Americana got some arcana
My piano don't like dirty Santa
Run up to the cabana and get the Anna
In a Clayton state of mind


What more could you ask for, the based can?
You complain about not being epic
I gotta love it though somebody still speaks for the stand
What the fuck are these bars?


I'm rapping to the compass, and I'm gonna move your gyro-compass
Definitely gonna move that gyro-compass


Epic cringe sauce, like a bathroom
Boy I tell you I thought you were a boom
I can take the not being epic, can't take the apple
I woulda' tried to run I guess i got no chapel
Rapping to the gyro-compass
And I'm gonna move your compass
You've said that bar seven times now rap generator
Yeah, in a Clayton state of mind


When I was young, my boy had a fan
I was kicked out with no span
I never thought I'd see that pan
Ain't a soul alive that could take my boy's scan
An incredible handbag, is quite the lag
Thnkin' of balls
Yeah, thinkin' of balls
Clayton state of mind


Apologies for the cringe, rap generators are just a little bit

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