Samthing Soweto



I lift my hands high in salute of my forefathers
The kings of the crown that i wear from my mothers
Side, a family made from songs passed on
To children that have grown to be elder of my pride
I speak the language of the people of the first kind
Diluted into words that spit like gun fire
Boom boom boom shot at a time upon a time
When was on the world was as normal as birds flying

(?) Tshabalala (?) Tshabalala
Donga dilika, Donga dilika
(?) Tshabalala (?) Tshabalala
Donga dilika, Donga dilika

I know warriors of the Land
Broke my only heart
When they denied me right to be part of the from the start
A long way from Pondo land, I share my only thoughts
That linger in my mind, so I'm not colour blind
When I teach color tribes, there is only black and white
Install in their minds
Faster than emergency rise
Come right, past there
Ten short shot past there
You might catch your feet tap to tap into my breath

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