5am in Shibuya (Live Version)


{Verse 1: Noveliss}
Moments of clarity with nothing but foreign air to breath
Empty subway carts and I don't know where to get off
And the feeling of being lost is too familiar
Going along for the ride and not knowing where I'm headed is embedded in every letter l've shredded my minds a weapon
Ain't that peculiar?
My Mic check's the breath of a shooter
But I don't support guns
So me being conflicted could ruin ya'
America, the wild wild west
Where you can be a teen
Buy an AR-15 with a vest
And they won't ask what you plan to do next
I go to war for a life without stress
And for the things I believe in like a Patriot
But my only allengence is to my family
And I'll never have faith as long ya'll making America great again
I don't know if my head will ever be straight again
I lost my Grandma and my best friend
And missed the biggest funeral in my fam
To rock a show in Japan
(And it damaged me as a man right)

It's 5 AM in Shibuya
It's 5 AM in Shibuya
Uh, it's 5 AM in Shibuya

{Verse 2: Noveliss}
I live a life full of maybes and 180's
So I twist words to...
Try to figure out my lack of virtue
The lesson behind completing the circle
It's a long road
If driven impaired it's sure to hurt you
Im hiding from this unlear fog that clouds my patience
Feeling complacent
In the void
Avoiding the matrix
I'm rich in other things these dollars don't always
Make cents (since)
And maybe that's the reason my crib ain't got no basement
Cause' I keep it hardcore
These power bombs on the pavement
Only the strong survive
It's UNI
In my mind
Where I Keep my planets aligned
On the clock full time
To fund the job that keeps me alive
It's by design
For education to hit you with bad credit
Punch the clock while they mention my name among the legends
I stopped American dreaming
When I trotted the globe
Mind, body and soul
If you sleep you don't know
(And it damaged me as man right)

It's 5 AM in Shibuya
It's 5 AM in Shibuya
It's 5 AM in Shibuya

Uh, I was in Japan
Me and Mega Ran
In Japan the last train stops at midnight
And the next one doesn't come until 5 AM
So we were in Japan we did a show
We ended up having to stay out until 5 AM
So we did karaoke all night
After that we got on the train at 5 AM to take it back to the hostel
And I wrote this song on the train
And that's why its called 5 AM in Shibuya

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