Lil Dripp

Harold and Kumar’s Introduction


Rahmi Got 'Em

[Verse 1: Puf]
Hol' Up
Now I walk around with the double cup
Got two switches, had to double up
My girl walk around with the bubble butt
I graduated
See all the lies they fabricated
My right hand twitch like I'm caffeinated
Til the attack wasn't calculated
People always be talking about what moves they be making
But they never do what they sayin'
Now bitches be goin' blond like girl what is you doin'
I do not fuck with no Saiyans
They don't understand that I do not have time for the playin'
I gotta put this in lamens
Fuck boys be tryna ride up all in my wave
But they dry up like they raisins
I do not know where to go
I told my uber to choose
We picked up three bunnies and drove
We party, got loose on the goose
I told them that I break the boose
Arms around me like a noose
It's a hickey, not a bruise
Juice spilled all over my shoes
High talk, black car, hot box
Too hot, I had to take the top off
Fuck opps, had to flip the cop off
Fuck off, you can get bought and sold off

[Verse 2: Lil Dripp]
Hold up, let me get it started
These champions you praising', they be retarded
These girls that you got, think they real solid
Until they start leakin' the love that they clotted
My theme is all about all new space
I make 'em trip and then tie up your lace
Get up on your knees
Start saying your grace
I fill you with gas
Call you bag of Lays
Never been a big fan though
Open top like a sandal
It's too much just to handle
Got this shit lit just like a candle
I'ma call Kavanaugh for a scandal
Cause these fuck boys think they pretty to handle
We respectin' all women, no matter the sit'
I'ma put your pic on the mantle
Ooh, Drop top Porsche on top of my new wishlist
Ooh, fuck with me, cross you off the top my hitlist
Yea, they way too fake, I can't trust none of these bitches
Just smile and wave boys, all they get is petty kisses

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